Challenges Keeping Healthy Skin

Of the many skin problems, the most visible, is a  problem with your facial skin. The most common facial problem is Acne, a quick  overview of  some  of the causes of acne . What is the cause of acne? There isn’t an actual cause of acne, since there are several factors that can cause it. The statistics of this skin condition are jaw dropping since the root cause is yet to be discovered. Skin specialists have found it difficult to determine the cause of cystic acne and adult acne. In recent research it has been established  using a natural or holistic program, suffers of acne  achieved  long term results for healthy skin.  Statistics indicate that a majority of 18 million people in America have acne. Out of this majority 85% lie in the age group of 13 and 25. Nevertheless, 50%of the women and 25% of the men get acne in their adult lives. Some lucky individuals in their teens who might of escaped having to deal with Acne, find out as young adults or as adults they get acne. Often the treatment is of a longer duration that of teens. Here is a interesting article on the problems of adult acne. Further Study has indicated there are both  external  and internal causes of acne. This article is going to look at that in detail. External causes of acne

  • Skincare products and makeup:
  • Some skincare products like comedogenic can result to skin irritation and breakout. When shopping for skin care products, beware of comedogenic and acnegenic products. Still, depending on the sensitivity of your skin these products can cause breakouts. This is why many people  find using  natural products they have less or no  side effects. Also treating the entire body using a holistic approach, has  achieved very good results not only for your skin, but for the entire body. If you like  more information using a holistic approach you might like to check out
  • Vocation:
  • Some work environments including construction and manufacturing companies have chemicals and polluting agents that can hold on to your skin. When this happens the pores on your skin are clogged and acne can easily form.
  • Sun exposure:
  • When you are exposed to the sun for a long duration of time, acne start to form after a few months .Evidence shows that sun rays are not that gentle to your skin.
  • Climatic condition:
  • Humidity is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. When it is very humid, the follicle cells in your skin tend to swell up .The flip side is that when it is less humid the dry air tends to create sebum inside the follicle cells. Thus, extreme humidity can cause acne.
  • Squeezing and picking pimples:
  • Your hands constantly come into contact with dirt and germs. Touching your face and constantly squeezing pimples with dirty hands can introduce bacteria into the skin and as you squeeze the bacteria go deeper into the skin.
  • Listen here to one person’s struggle with adult Acne.
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